(Due to COVID-19 orders to some regions may currently experience longer shipping times.)

Shipping Policy

By purchasing products from Pawprint Press, you acknowledge and agree to the shipping policy below.

Shipping Carrier

All orders placed with Pawprint Press are shipped from our warehouse in Mainland China, and will be shipped via e-parcel by China Post, the national postal service of Mainland China. Delivery of orders will be handled by the national postal service of the destination country.

Customs Notice

All orders placed with Pawprint Press must include a valid phone number for the recipient in order to be processed. A valid phone number is necessary to facilitate customs inspection in the destination country should any issues arise. Failure to include a valid phone number when the order is placed may result in your order being returned, delayed, or lost. If you need to make changes to your contact phone number before your order is shipped, please adjust your contact information using the “View your order” link in your order confirmation email.  

Orders bound for destinations outside of Mainland China are subject to import regulations of the destination country. Before placing your order, please consult your national import regulatory agency for information regarding import rules and restrictions. In some cases, orders may require intervention by the recipient to progress through customs inspection.  

Processing and Shipping Times

Most orders are processed and shipped within three business days of order placement. Processing times may be longer during periods of higher than normal shipping volume.

Pawprint Press will provide a China Post EMS tracking number when your order is shipped, and the status of a parcel using China Post’s EMS tracking service here: http://www.ems.com.cn/english.html

After a parcel is accepted by the national postal service of the destination country, you may track the progress of your shipment using the EMS tracking number in the tracking service of your national postal service. 

Most shipments have a standard transit time of 7-10 days before reaching their destination. Note that the speed of delivery may vary based on shipping volume, carrier availability, customs inspection, and speed of the national postal service in the destination country.

COVID-19 Notice

Due to the effects of COVID-19, shipping availability and shipping speed may be impacted depending on the destination country. Please consult your national postal service for information on how COVID-19 may be impacting parcel delivery to your country from Mainland China.

Shipping Cost

Shipping costs are calculated at checkout and will vary based on destination country and parcel weight. Parcel weight includes the combined weight of the items included in the parcel, as well as any required packing materials. Pawprint Press will choose the most appropriate packing materials for your order to ensure items will arrive at their destination safely. 

For more information, please consult the following rate table. Total shipping cost is calculated by the base charge, plus the weight of the parcel multiplied by the weight surcharge. 

Please note this table lists rates as of 2020/07/07, and are subject to change.

Within Mainland China:

1 kg and under: 2.85

Every 100g above 1kg: 0.15


Weight of Shipping Materials:

Bubble Envelope: 80g ea.

Folding Carton: 130g ea.

Heavy Duty Box: 275g ea.